Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos

On June 20, 2013, in 2013, by Leslie Hanson

Greetings from above the Andes! We are flying out of Tacna and headed to Cusco! I’m not going to be writing about either of those places though; instead I am going to be talking about our trip to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Peru. About a week and a half ago, we visited the NPH orphanage here in Peru. Many of you are familiar with NPH and have had the opportunity to either sponsor a pequeño or travel to Guatemala or Mexico to visit and live with the pequeños for about a week. For those who have had those experiences, it is an amazing time to taste a different culture and to form friendships with the pequeños and with other Brophy guys.

Although our time there was limited to an afternoon, we were able to play and talk with many of the kids in the same way I remember we had in Guatemala when I went a year and a half ago. NPH Peru did not find itself in the same atmosphere as Guatemala with the surrounding greenery but it had a very similar feel. We were able to play volleyball and soccer, which reminded me of the games on the soccer field in Guatemala. The meal in the large cafeteria sitting and talking with the pequeños also brought back vivid memories of similar interactions in Guatemala. Overall, it was a great afternoon for everyone but the most impactful interaction for me was with Greg Vogel on the bus back to Lima when he told me about meeting Alondra, the girl he and his family had chosen to sponsor prior to the trip. He told me how she led him into her room so that he could see how carefully she takes care of everything she has. Certainly, the way that NPH and the pequeños care for everything around them is one of their greatest attributes. I am so glad Greg got to experience Alondra’s happiness and was able to have a meaningful interaction with her because I believe the most valuable aspect of an immersion trip is meeting people who place a clear image in our minds of an entirely different reality than our own, which moves us to view the entire world differently. For many of us, our most profound interactions have taken place here in Peru and they have opened us to the truth that interactions like Greg and Alondra had can and need to take place all over the world. For Brophy students, immersion trips and trips to NPH in particular, offer the unique experience of throwing us right into those essential interactions.

Mason Swierenga


2 Responses to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos

  1. The Hart Family says:

    Glad to hear you are visiting children who bring you a new perspective on life…

    The stories of Guatemala bring back memories of the exchange students we hosted during my high school days; my sister traveled to Guatemala with her Appleton Xavier H.S. Spanish Class & we hosted exchange students at our house during those years who got to experience their first snow in Wisconsin. While our visitors were not from orphanages, we still enjoyed the experience.

    My youngest brother Bill spent 3.5 years in Guatemala as a Peace Corp Volunteer; a great experience for him & my parents & brother John who went to visit him there.

    Looking forward to hearing all your stories!

    Tom, Dawn & Rachel Hart

    • The Hart Family says:

      P.S. Thanks to Senor Cordova, Deacon, Mrs. Parise and Mrs. Hanson for taking our sons on this journey!!

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