Just by being here in Peru I have connected with the poor who had previously been invisible to me before. By working with the Peruvians and playing with the kids at La Casa Del Nino, I have seen the people in Peru in a different way. I know what kind of people they are and how they live. By gradually getting better at speaking their language they have become more visible to me as people. Working at the comedor in the terrazas opened my eyes more to how poor these people live. Back home, we know that there are people living in poverty, but we ignore them because we do not want to deal with it. It makes it harder to try and ignore the poverty the people in Peru are living. I always knew people in South America were poor, but by living with them and working with them, it really makes me think more about it instead of just ignoring it.  – Ryan Angeles

So far Peru has been a great experience. When we first arrived in Peru it was easy to tell that it was a different place. It smelled different and there was a lot of trash everywhere. As we drove, all the buildings looked different because many of the buildings are not fully built so they do not have to pay property tax. This is really smart…. I should try this in the U.S. We have been working a lot at a property on the mountain that is a house for kids. The first day we mainly cleaned up trash all around the building, and started taking off the panels of the roof. The second day my group went up to a different ¨Casa del Nino¨and repainted the outer walls. The next day Chase Hoyt and I laid concrete for the bricks to build a wall. The last day we helped put on new panels and cleaned the inside of the building. We have also spent a lot of time with children and i have learned a lot of Spanish from them and enjoyed spending time with them. Peru is very different. Many of the people are very kind and welcoming. Also, they are independent and do all their work by themselves, which is good. Peru is great and Im probably going to move here and never leave. –Jake De Rito

One thing Ive noticed on this trip is the invisibility of the poor. Something that opened my eyes to see the conditions of the poor was working on the comedor with the Peruvians. While working, I noticed many things. One of them was seeing where Freddy , one of the workers there, lived. He lived in a tiny white shack with 4 brothers and 5 sisters. The shack must have been around 15×15 feet and they all fit in there. At that moment I realized that there was no need for me to complain while staying at the house in El Agustino. This trip has helped me understand the poverty in the world so far.  ‘ Akaash Nirwan


The city of Lima is extremely dynamic and expansive, much like life. I have found great enjoyment and fulfillment so far. The people and the sights are spectacular, and are extremely different from Phoenix and the U.S. The people are extremely generous and have embraced our mission to serve the poor. My Spanish has developed and gotten better by simply being immersed in conversation with some of the most interesting people in the world. The poor and those facing hardships are thankful and grateful for our work, and we are thankful for their friendship. My favorite thing so far has been the hard work and new friends. The hard work and dedication reinforces the purpose of our mission and the new friendships symbolizes the heart of our mission. Ultimately, going to Peru and spending time with so many wonderful individuals has allowed me to realize how lucky I am to be alive.

Collin Tawney


2 Responses to More Impressions of Peru by Ryan Angeles, Jake De Rito, Akaash Nirwan, and Collin Tawney

  1. Renforth's says:

    Great posting! All of you are learning, and giving, so much in such a short time and we are really enjoying reading all of your postings. Your insights are telling us so much about the country, the people and the wonderful work you are accomplishing. Truly a life changing experience!!! We are so very proud of all of you and the work you are doing. Our special gratitude to the teachers and counselors that are with you and making this experience possible. Keep up the great work and know we are thinking of you each day. Take care of each other!

  2. Megan Hoyt says:

    Simply wonderful posts boys…keep them coming! We wait at our computers and enjoy words from each one of you. Send more pictures!!!

    Megan Hoyt

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