Summit Workshop Day ~ Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

For the 2012 Summit Workshop Day local, national and international speakers have been invited to share their stories, their expertise and their passion with Brophy students, faculty and staff.  We are thrilled at the number and caliber of workshops we are able to offer this year. 

Please take time to review the workshop descriptions below before workshop sign-ups begin.  Students and teachers will be asked to sign up for three workshops total.  Space is limited for each workshop and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  All workshops will be offered during each of the three rotating workshop periods unless otherwise noted.



Title:            Masculinity and Body Image

Presenter(s):     Georganne Scheiner Gillis

Association:      Women and Gender Studies ASU

Description:      This interactive session will attempt to understand the relationship between the body and masculinity, and its significance in men’s lives. We will explore the changing cultural ideal of the male body as represented within the context of popular culture and the media.  As the circulation of desirable body images has risen, so has the premium placed on physical attractiveness for men, and, for that matter, the pressure on men to invest in their appearances.  We will discuss the idealized images of the male body and the ways in which men fashion ideals of physical appearance, as well the incidence of eating disorders among men.

Location:            P112



Title:             A More Honorable Manhood: Ignatius of Loyola’s Critique of Traditional Masculinity

Presenter(s):     Mr. Tom Donlan

Association:      Brophy College Preparatory

Description:      Ignatius of Loyola lived in a time when the knight or conquistador was viewed as the ideal kind of man.  Both on and off the battlefield, confrontation and violence were often seen as virtuous.  This workshop will explore how Ignatius of Loyola encouraged young men of his time to exchange masculinities defined by confrontation and war for a more Gospel-based manhood.  The presentation will also suggest how young men can draw on Ignatius’ insights today.

Location:            E210



Title:             Abstinence: Making the Best Decisions and Overcoming Pressures

Presenter(s):     Edie Fluker

Association:      North Star Youth Partnership, a program of Catholic Charities

Description:      Abstinence: Decision Making and Overcoming Pressures will be an interactive exploration of decision making and sexual pressures. You will engage in discussions on alcohol use, sexual violence, pornography, and determine ways to make the best decisions as well as overcome pressure.

Location:            P216



Title:             Abortion: The Way Forward

Presenter(s):     Trent Horn

Association:      Diocese of Phoenix

Description:      Should men have an opinion on abortion, or is it just a “women’s issue?” In this workshop, Diocesan respect life coordinator Trent Horn presents a balanced approach that teaches men how to stand up for life while being compassionate towards women who have been involved in an abortion decision.

Location:            E301



Title:             Sex, Violence and the Media

Presenter(s):     Michelle McGibbney Vlahoulis

Association:      ASU/Women & Gender Studies

Description:      Using current tv shows, horror films, video games and other popular media this workshop will analyze how sex, gender and violence are depicted in the media.

Location:            SAC



Title:             Mass media and youth culture

Presenter(s):     Kimber Lanning

Association:      Stinkweeds/Local First Arizona

Description:      Join the discussion as we examine the changing image of women in rock and pop culture over the past 40 years.

Location:            K24



Title:             A Brief History of the Forces Behind Male Violence

Presenter(s):     Dr. Mary Logan Rothschild

Association:      Arizona State University

Description:      What are some of the historical forces behind male violence in America, or Western culture more generally?  How can history help us understand the present and, more importantly, change the future?  This workshop will examine some of the historical, religious and legal traditions that have allowed and even encouraged male violence in our culture. The format of this workshop will be lecture and discussion.

Location:            B104



Title:             The Global Economics of Gender Discrimination

Presenter(s):     Ms. Kelly A. Guffey                                                                            

Association:      Brophy College Preparatory

Description:      For thousands of years, societies around the world have had different cultural expectations for men and women.  The effects of these differences don’t just impact women, but men too.  They also affect our ability to prosper economically and financially.  Come find out how small instances of discrimination can lead to a large-scale breakdown of economic systems as well as the degradation of our social moral code.

Location:            NW corner of the GH



Title:             Drum circle and male wisdom council

Presenter(s):     Brad Kuluris

Association:      M.A.L.E.s Men as Learners and Elders

Description:      The Masculine spiritual journey (Richard Rohr) and Male archetypes (Robert Moore) will be briefly explained. Then the group will participate in a drumming circle, native American cleansing ritual using white sage smudge bundles and a council of males with the traditional talking stick format. The ritual elements are drawn from our Native American brothers here in the southwest. The deep roots of our Judea-Christian faith are used in the spoken prayer and blessings. This is a peek at what young men can experience at a rite of passage weekend held in June each year for graduating seniors and their fathers or mentors.

Location:           Front lawn



Title:             Gendered Violence

Presenter(s):     Kate Harper

Association:      Arizona State University

Description:      This workshop will discuss the gendered dynamics of a number of violence issues, including dating violence and intimate partner violence, rape and sexual assault, and representations of violence in the media, including sports, music, television, and film.

Location:            B103



Title:             Maggie’s Place: Where’s Baby Daddy?

Presenter(s):     Mary Peterson

Association:      Maggie’s Place

Description:      Reflections on masculinity from years of offering housing and support to pregnant women who are alone or on the streets.

Location:            B211



Title:             Refugees in America: From the perspective of women making a new beginning

Presenter(s):     Kitty Marquez and a panel of refugee women

Association:      Catholic Charities

Description:      The workshop will consist of a brief presentation of who refugees are and why the United States welcomes them every year with particular attention to the experience of women. Discussion will also include goals of the U.S. Refugee program and supportive services, as well as opportunities for volunteering. Staff who are former refugees, including Julie Ngirye from Burundi and Shukri Mohamud from Somalia, will be present to share their story and experience.

Location:            P210



Title:            Male and Female Brain Uniqueness:   Understanding Anatomy and Function to Enhance Relationships

Presenter(s):     Mr. Chris White

Association:      Brophy College Preparatory

Description:      Workshop will discuss male and female brain anatomy and function, including details of development, structure, and physiology, within the context of adolescence.  Goal is to highlight similarities and differences to foster enhanced relationships and leave attendees marveling at God’s creation.

Location:            K1



Title:             Jesus and Masculinity at the Movies

Presenter(s):     Joey Eschrich

Association:      Arizona State University, Women & Gender Studies

Description:      “In this workshop, we will be looking at how mainstream movies about Jesus of Nazareth contribute to cultural myths about masculinity. These films, seeking to portray Jesus in a way that will be appealing to American film audiences, end up relying on misogyny, homophobia, and racism to define Jesus as properly masculine.

These patterns distort the Gospel accounts and encourage audiences to glorify a negative and damaging set of beliefs about manhood. Ultimately, they reveal a paranoia about Jesus being perceived by audiences as “”not man enough.””

We will also look some alternative ways that Jesus is depicted in independent and foreign films, considering how they might provide more balanced, positive, and complex cultural models for masculinity. ”

Location:            P114



Title:             Journey Past Pain-Dating Dynamics & It’s Impact on Relationships

Presenter(s):     Lorel Stevens

Association:      Journey Past Pain

Description:      Personal story of a 12 year domestic violence relationship that began in high school and it’s impact to our family.  What red flags came up, what preventative measures could have helped and what resources were ultimately most helpful to break the cycle.

Location:            SW corner of GH



Title:             Theology of the Body: Humanizing and Divinizing

Presenter(s):     Jimmy Tricco

Association:      Xavier College Preparatory, Palm Desert

Description:      The Theology of the Body workshop invites participants to open their minds and hearts to the challenges of love. Emphasis will be placed on understanding human sexuality and the responsibility of creating a more loving humanity.

Location:            B101



Title:             Men Create Safety

Presenter(s):     Paul Bernabei

Association:      Top 20 Training

Description:      Men are responsible for developing the potential of others. This session will present four everyday ways that young men in high school and in their future careers and relationships can develop the potential of others by creating a culture of safety.

Location:            P212



Title:             Pornography and the Objectification of Women

Presenter(s):     Ryan Hubbell

Association:      Brophy

Description:      This workshop will take a critical look at pornography’s increasing presence in popular culture.  We will examine both spiritual and political arguments against pornography and consider its implications on cultural attitudes towards women.

Location:            B110



Title:             Gender Roles in TV

Presenter(s):     Mr. Lane McShane

Association:      Brophy

Description:      “This workshop will examine gender relations through the medium of television. We will consider the intricacies of TV including:

-The politics of time slots and censorship

-The effect of narrative length upon messages of resistance”

Location:            B212



Title:             Being a Stay at Home Dad

Presenter(s):     Mr. Jose Leyba

Association:      Brophy

Description:      A former Brophy teacher who left for a tougher job…taking care of his kids.

Location:            E211



Title:             Q&A with Dr. Kimmel

Presenter(s):     Dr. Kimmel

Association:      SUNY Stony Brook

Description:      Question and answer session with Dr. Kimmel following his keynote.

Location:            B105



Title:             The Dramatic Man

Presenter(s):     Michelle Hill

Association:      ASU

Description:      This workshop with examine representations of masculinity in the Pulitzer Prize Plays.

Location:            E209



Title:             The Psychology of Gender Differences

Presenter(s):     Matt Williams

Association:      Brophy

Description:      “What makes boys like blue and girls like pink?  Are gender differences learned or are they genetic?  How different are men and women, and how are they similar?

In this workshop, we will look at gender differences through the lens of psychology.  Students will learn about causes of gender differences and similarities through lecture, media, and interactive collaboration.”

Location:            B111



Title:             Cowards to Warriors

Presenter(s):     Calvin Terrell

Association:      Social Centric

Description:      This workshop will examine the intersection of gender, race and class. Specifically, Mr. Terrell will discuss the invisibility of privilege and will call students to critique their own positions of power.

Location:            Gym



Title:             Successful Local Women Business Owners

Presenter(s):     Teresa Stickler, Shaun Breese and Georganne Bryant

Association:      Melrose Pharmacy and Urban Cookies

Description:      Learn what challenges local women business owners had to overcome to have successful businesses.  Learn how they have made an impact in their community. This workshop can empower you to dream big and make a difference.

Location:            B209



Title:             Moving from responding to preventing …the Solutions movement

Presenter(s):     Stephanie Orr, M.C.

Association:      Casa Center for Prevention of Abuse and Violence

Description:      “In the 70’s the crisis, counseling and shelter “”response”” movement to violence was started. The future is in prevention of bullying, racism, abuse and violence by teaching positive relationship and emotional intelligence skills.  Through out the country men are getting involved in clubs, and activities which promote it is cool to be kind, positive and build empathy to celebrate differences and commonalities.  This work is providing exciting career opportunities as well to become involved in the

Emotional Intelligence movement at home, school, work and the community!  The movement is exciting, fun and positively powerful!!! ”

Location:            B102