Where has all the time gone this year? I could answer this question in a romanticized way describing life lessons and such but that would be a misguided response. I know where all my time has gone, it has been dispatched in driving buses every day, teaching 7th graders, freshmen breakaways, Loyola Project, immersion trips, and sometimes a good night’s rest. “Work is work” is the saying that has been said at every job that has ever been worked. I am in a privileged position to say that I do good work. The days might be long and sometimes a nap is all one wants in life but what drives me is the work I and the OFJ do for not only the students here at Brophy but for the community at large. In many ways, the community has given me and taught me more than I can give back to them.

Through my time as a Brophy faculty member I and other close friends can see a real change between the ASU AJ and the ASC AJ. I have definitely grown up during this amazing opportunity and I am a better person because of it. Through my work in the OFJ I have been able to learn more about what I want to do with my life and more importantly why I want to do it. Working with the marginalized in the world and sharing life experiences with people from all different backgrounds and life stories is something I want to do my entire life and I am happy with that. I am young, but I have been told that I have an old soul. I have been graced with an almost always positive attitude that attracts the right kinds of people and brings smiles to those who are going through the unfortunate events that life has in store for all of us. The ability to always find a silver lining or lesson in everything I have done the past 7 months is my own support system when the days get long and energy and interest begin to wane. Becoming visibly uninterested and tired can pose a conflict not just on me but the students as well. When I look like I don’t want to be somewhere, it in turn affects them and they began to see good work as just another assignment. When freshman breakaway days just feel like they never end, I remember what we are doing in partnership with SVDP and the life skills and personal revelations the Brophy students I take with me are discovering within themselves. Loyola Project which consists of me taking sophomores to St. Agnes during the week can be seen as just another chore. Once we see the smiles and signals of the elementary school kids understanding a concept they have been struggling with, it is well worth it. I absolutely love my job, which is a true gift that I have been blessed with because I have seen what happens to those who are not as fortunate as I when it comes to a genuine love for what they do.


AJ Arvizu

Freshman Breakaway 2/4/2014


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