Staying Involved

On February 4, 2014, in Uncategorized, by Chris McKenna

This year thus far has been one filled with building relationships, driving buses, and long days. It is easy to get distracted by the work and just call it a day when the final bell rings, but I have quickly found out that many of the good aspects of the ASC program come after the end of the school day.

Looking back on my days here at Brophy, I realized I had the most fun when I was getting involved with extracurricular activities, whether that be going to sporting events or participating in clubs, so I figured I may as well replicate that experience. This semester I have made a concerted effort to get involved with activities outside of the normal school day. I started coaching 7th and 8th grade basketball at the end of the first semester and loved how I was able to form a relationship with those kids that you can’t get in the classroom. Basketball has been awesome and it clear how much these kids have grown in the last couple months, resulting in us playing in the playoff semifinals tonight.

It has been things like this basketball season that have reminded me what is so great about Brophy. The students are first class. My fellow faculty is one of a kind. And everyone loves to be here. You can bet that once our basketball season ends I will be looking for the next extracurricular activity to get involved in.


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