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On January 31, 2014, in Uncategorized, by Roger Bond Choquette

Life at Brophy is hectic.

Retreats, the examen and mass impose some sort of order but there is just too much to do. Teachers, students and ASC members alike have so many responsibilities that it is often difficult to fulfill each of them adequately. Moreover, those responsibilities are all over campus, which is what really induces chaos. After three years of academia, this year is teaching me how to practically apply knowledge (and just how difficult that can be). Honestly, this year has been full of mistakes–and that’s okay.

Now, that doesn’t mean that its okay when things go wrong. Trips need to go, exams need to be graded, kids need to be driven. Things need to get done. But as an ASC member I forgot what I learned as a Brophy student: I’m going to make mistakes no matter how hard I try. I can only control my intentions and my actions, but that does not ensure success.

The idea of magis” necessarily presumes we have an opportunity for growth. It presumes that there is more to do and more to be. Once, as a student, I told Fr. Olivier that I was concerned about not living up to the ideals of Kairos and Brophy. In fact, I felt terrible about it–what sort of Brophy student was I if I could not even be a decent guy? He told me that I should always strive to be more just and kind, but the fact that justice and kindness are ideals necessarily means that I will not be able to always act that way.

I suppose this struggle has come to define much of my time back and Brophy. As a college student, it was very easy to isolate myself and focus on my personal success. Sure, not every paper or exam went perfectly, but my shortcomings were just that: mine, my own. But this year I’ve been able to slowly understand my role in a large community and that fact that many times I’ll let people down. But that’s because every day I’m given the opportunity to participate in the lives of so many other people.

All I can do is intend for the best, work for the best and hope for the best. And I am really the only person that can accurately say if I am doing that.

This year has certainly taught me the practical measures to avoid becoming overwhelmed. I live and die by iCal and paper clips. But its also given me the spiritual understanding avoid them, understand them and, finally, move beyond them.




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