Becoming a teacher at Brophy is something that many young men contemplate when they are at Brophy. To come back to this unique community and provide experiences for these young men is an opportunity unlike any other and that is why I find myself back at Brophy.

The Alumni Service Corps has allowed me to give back to a community that offered me such a life-changing and once in a lifetime experience. Last year at this time in college I never thought once that I would be back at Brophy educating young men. To have this opportunity to provide a year of service has been amazing so far and I am only 3 months into my journey here.

When I tell people what some of my responsibilities are at Brophy, driving a bus is always the first thing they think is the coolest aspect of my job. To be honest, it really is fun to do, despite how early I get up every morning to do it. The only reason this experience has been fun is because of the actual people I drive on the bus; the Loyola scholars.

I work primarily at the Loyola Academy and I am the athletic director there which means I coach all their sports and P.E. classes. Working at the Loyola Academy can best be described as “unique.” Getting to know these scholars over the past month has been a very unique experience because none of these scholars are like anybody I have ever met before. All of them have their own unique stories and their own different outlooks on life. None of these scholars are followers, they are all leaders. The stories from these scholars from the past 3 months are innumerable and they are ones I will never forget. To be a role model for these young scholars is unlike any position I have ever held in life. Everyday I get to lead these young men and teach them something new, whether it is P.E. related or life related. The scholars are at a very formative age and I know that every positive influence they have is a good one. These formative years are critical in their development here at Brophy and the fact that I get to be there for all of that is an amazing opportunity for me.

The Alumni Service Corps has challenged me to become a role model and mentor for the Brophy community and the opportunity to do this has been nothing but an amazing opportunity and truly a blessing.

Talk to you soon,

James Quinn


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