We Aren’t Exactly Going Hungry

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Living in today’s world, you see some people spending their lives trying to acquire more and more. Most of the time, attaining more stuff is never enough.

As a member of the Alumni Service Corps, it is expected that you take on the challenges of living in community, living simply, and serving others on a daily basis. Since being back at Brophy and re-immersing myself into the community I have realized it isn’t a challenge, but rather an opportunity to set aside some of the unnecessary things I may have grown accustomed to.

I thought this quote from Fr. James Martin SJ was a perfect way of summing up how to live simply… (From his book: A Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything: A Spirituality for Real Life)

“We’re not supposed to be, as I say in the book, twig-eating, cave-dwelling hermits,” he says. “It’s a sensible simplicity … I think living simply means freeing yourself up from things you don’t need and ultimately, that leads to happiness.”

Over the first half of this one year experience I have found my happiness has come from many different avenues.  Whether it be teaching one of the scholars, assisting another faculty member, talking with a Brophy student, coaching football, subbing a class, or operating the scoreboard for basketball games. Each experience unique and each experience adding to the joy I have been having on this journey. Oh, and I can’t forget the nice spread that we have access to every day for lunch!

Being back at Brophy has reminded me that waking up each morning is a blessing.  The blessing I speak of is one that gives me the opportunity to experience something new and meaningful each and every day. During my time here, I continually find meaning in my life when given the chance to have a profound impact on the lives of those around me.  I have truly enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to the next few months because I know they will be filled with lasting memories. -Matt Smith

Quick Update:

Loyola Academy Basketball has remained unbeaten in January and our record now stands at an impressive 7-1 for the season!  Next game (s) Wednesday-Jan 25th @ St. John Bosco 4pm, Thursday- Jan 26thHome against St. Francis Xavier 4pm.

Loyola Academy Broncos (aka LA Ballers)


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