The Beginning of the Journey…

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The ASC Guys at Los Altos

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 8 weeks since Caleb, Matt Moore, Matt Smith, and I moved into the Alumni Service Corps house on Elm Street.  (Yes, there are 3 Matts, and Caleb’s middle name is Matt as well!)  The time has flown by, and yet to me it has also seemed like an eternity since that first Friday we laid eyes on the bright red front door.

I first heard about the Alumni Service Corps program last March.  I had applied to a few jobs, but nothing had really piqued my interest.  When I found out about the program, something just clicked.  I sent in my completed application just a few days after I received the information email about the program.  When Mr. Ryan called me on a Tuesday afternoon in April to tell me I had the job, I was beside myself with joy to be returning to the Brophy community.

Since that call, my life has been a whirlwind of activity.  I graduated from Boston College in May, and then I started work with the Summer Loyola Project at Brophy.  I moved into a beautifully redone house with my three fantastic roommates, and almost immediately after, we departed for the Jesuit retreat center at Los Altos in northern California.  Ted Skowron is the faculty head of the program, and he has been a great “sensei” so far this year.

It has been wonderful working at Brophy so far!  Us ASC guys are definitely busy, but the school energizes me so much every day.  I have been working in the Office of Faith and Justice helping to coordinate retreats and service projects.  It is an incredibly fun environment. Tommy Smith makes me laugh every day, Sue Hornbeck is as sweet as can be, Ryan Hubbell is my coffee and music guru, and Caleb Alpaugh keeps me sane when the days get super crazy.

I have been teaching AP Psychology, and the experience has been challenging but so rewarding.  I only have 12 students, and each of them brings a unique perspective and a willingness to learn.  I hope they have learned something from me, and I know I have learned so much from each of them.  A few weeks ago, I gave them an assignment to break a social norm and write a paper about it.  The social experiments ranged from wearing a suit and tie for a week to paying for people’s meals in line at the mall.  They all showed great initiative and learned a thing or two about why people try to fit in.

After running cross country and track at Brophy for four years, it has been fun to return to the team as an assistant coach.  We have an incredible amount of talent on the team, and the runners inspire me every day.

There have been a few adjustments to being a faculty member at Brophy.  I get to call the teachers by their first names, which was really weird at first.  Calling Mr. Schmidbauer “Andy” and Mr. Damaso “John” has definitely been a big change; two teachers who I was just a little afraid of in high school are now my friends!

Overall, it’s been a whirlwind of activity.  I’m sorry this first post is so long, but I wanted to fit a little bit of everything in.  I can’t wait to give you all my next update!

God bless you all,

Matt Williams


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