Religion in Argentina by Will Schubert

| October 30, 2014

Religion in Argentina

Religion plays an important role in the lives of the people of Argentina. There are many churches in Santa Fe and people are always inside of them. Juan and his family attend church every Sunday and they take it very seriously. Juan and his family pray before each meal and his mom won’t let us eat until we do. I noticed that each time we pass by a church they do the sign of the cross. Pope Francisco is from Argentina and they are very proud of it, the pope is a popular topic at the dinner table. About 92% percent of the population is Christian while only 2% of the population is Jewish/other. In church I do not understand what the priest is saying but I can tell that the layout of the mass is very similar to ours back in the United States. The way the Jesuits act is very similar to Brophy, they are very nice and they like to joke around a lot. All of the classrooms in Juan’s school have a big cross the teacher’s desk which is very similar to Brophy. Overall, religion in Argentina is very similar to religion in the United States except for the fact that there are churches everywhere here.

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