The Argentine Experience by DJ Brown

| July 26, 2013

The Argentine Experience

After spending over a month in Argentina I have so much to say that I could easily write a short book to describe all our experiences and travels in the foreign country. To start off this was the first major trip I had taken to a Spanish speaking country, so naturally I was
nervous I wouldn’t speak well enough. As the trip progressed I became well versed in the language and started to join in family discussions. I have already taken my Spanish back to the US and speak it with some of the people who work around my house. I think I will continue to use my Spanish as a way to increase my learning in not only Spanish but in French, Italian, and maybe even Portuguese.

Before this trip I had really only one view of the world, and that was living in some form of luxury. I wasn’t nervous to live in a smaller place but I was unsure what it would be like. After the first week I didn’t even think about it, I fell in love with the culture and food, and most of all my family. I got to know each member of the family on a personal level and each one felt like my brother or sister. I enjoyed long talks in Spanish with my dad Martin, and joked around about guy stuff with my brothers Marcos, Patricio, and Benja. And most of all I leaned something new everyday from my mom Silvina.

The whole trip changed me as a person, but my family changed my life and my soul. I walked into their home very narrow minded and secluded, and walked out open to growth and more sociable with strangers. I also feel like my heart had been softened a bit and I felt compassion towards the people I met and felt much less angst.  So from the numerous trips to Iguazú which probably my favorite part, to the Andes Mointains in Mendoza, Argentina changed my life and I will never forget the experiences or people I met while there.

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