Looking Back by John Sittu

| July 16, 2013

Looking Back

By John Sittu ‘15

My month in Argentina was a fantastic one. There was never a dull moment, and there was always something new to observe or learn. My host family was amazing. They never let me have a want that was within their power to fix. They always took me to do things, and made sure I was having a good time. I cannot say that we did the same for Nico when he was in Arizona. When he was here, I always had a lot of homework, so Nico was stuck at home with nothing to do most nights. When the Argentinians were in class at Brophy, the teachers and students would all but ignore them. In Argentina, everyone took time out of their lives to make the Americans feel welcome. The classes at Inmaculada revolved around us. People were interested in and happy to see us.  It made me feel sad to think that the experience may not have been as magical for the Argentinians. I am not sure if this difference was because the people of Argentina are naturally more amiable than those of the U.S., or if it was because people in the U.S. are accustomed to people of different nationality. Either way, I felt bad for our Argentinian brothers; like they had been robbed of an experience. I learned that not everywhere is as busy and quick-paced as the United States.

I also learned that my host family, and me in particular, are very different from the rest of the immersion group. That’s okay. We do things differently, and we think differently, and I’ve learned to not let that bother me. This will definitely come back with me to Arizona. As a result of my time in Argentina, I grew as an independent person and Spanish speaker. I no longer require Google Translate.  Yo amo escribir palabras en español para este tarea.

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