Intercambio 2013 by Joe Hickey

| July 1, 2013

My host brothers and I

Prior to being a part of the Argentinian Exchange program, I had never had the opportunity to travel outside of the continent. I was extremely excited about the concept of fully immersing myself in the culture of a foreign country, but in all honesty I was not too excited about leaving my friends and family for a good portion of this summer. Upon returning to Arizona, I can genuinely say that this month of June was one of the best I have had thus far. Sometimes stepping out of one’s comfort zone, or even exemplifying the  Grad at Grad trait “Open to Growth” is exactly what a student needs in order to gain some knowledge and a different perspective on the world. Being one of the rising seniors on the trip, accompanied by Zac Basile, I’ve learned that I have the capability of being a good leader. I hope I can take what I’ve learned about myself on this trip and utilize it in this coming year as I take one step closer to graduating from Brophy.

Secondly, I think anyone on the trip can vouch for me when I say that my Spanish improved tremendously over the course of this exchange. I also think as good as the Brophy Spanish department may be, I’ve learned more Spanish in these past four weeks than I have in the past two years at Brophy. Moreover, that must be the reason why we receive a full credit of Spanish for participating in the exchange. I am very excited about utilizing my new, very raw bilingual abilities in next year’s conversational Spanish class as well as my final year of Spanish in general. Overall, I think the entire trip was a smashing success and I’d like to thank Mr. Williams and Ms. Dominguez for coordinating the trip of a lifetime.

Highlights from the trip

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