Welcome to Rosario! by Connor Earnest

| June 28, 2013

Welcome to Rosario!

The plaza that leads to the monument to the flag.

Hello and bienvenidos (welcome) to Rosario, one of Argentina’s most beautiful and historic cities.

The monument. You can climb up to the top.

I’m your tour guide, and I really don’t know that much about this city, so bear with me! Our city is beautiful, ranging from our large parks to our beautiful crystal clear waters, Rosario offers a beautiful setting for any family outing. One of the most well-known and popular facts about Rosario is that our national flag was first hoisted in our town square somewhere in the 1600s. We have a large…block of stone with intricate drawings on the side in the town center where our first flag was out into to soil. You can also climb up this giant block of stone, and at the top you can see the entire city!

While I was in New York once, my family and I went up the Statue of Liberty, and although we could see more of the city, the trip up those stairs were still the same. Well you missed a great holiday by one day folks. Yesterday was El Día de Bandera (Flag Day) in Rosario. In Argentina, the people are very proud of their heritage and celebrate the flag on the actual day it was created. In the United States, we just celebrate Independence Day, and we don’t really take the time to appreciate what our flag stands for. The differences between the people in Argentina and those in the United States is pretty different, although you would expect that, them being almost 20 hours away. Even my visits to Rosario in New York were different. While New York consisted of sight-seeing only, Rosario is a heavy shopping area and you can buy practically anything there.Well thank you for coming alone conmigo (with me) on your trip to Rosario. Sorry if I was the worst your guide ever, but of course, it’s my first time trying. ¡Buen día! Have a good day!

Me and my host father Mario taking in the view of the beautiful city.

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