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OPINIONS: Federal Grants should not require legal status

By Juan Carlos Ramirez ’18 THE ROUNDUP Although undocumented students can obtain some sort of financial help for college through some scholarships, they are automatically ineligible for federal grants due to their residency status. However, many students have made significant contributions to this country that they view as their home, and every student who has

OPINIONS: College admissions competition detrimental to inter-class rapport

By Michael Taszarek ’18 THE ROUNDUP Competition in college admissions between students harms friendships and the overall community. Every day, Brophy students are surrounded by competition. There is competition in sports, academics and in social settings. Competition can be very beneficial; in sports, for instance, competition breeds an urge to win and drives players to

OPINIONS: Common App must become only location for College Applications

Photo by Edwin Perez ‘18 | The Common Application provides a online application that more than 700 colleges accept.  By Alex Kirshner ’18 THE ROUNDUP The Common Application, or “Common App,” is a conscientious effort made by colleges across the country in order to make the college application process easier and less tedious for seniors.

JVLA fantastic opportunity for students to get ahead in credits, prepare for college

By Chris Agnone ’18 THE ROUNDUP Students are presented with a great opportunity to earn extra credits though the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA) to help them get ahead in class load and credit count. . This Jesuit-run academy lets students take courses online either during the school year or over the summer to earn

OPINION: Modern storytelling media creates fragile understanding of diversity

By Kaleb Lucero ’18 THE ROUNDUP Storytelling and the communication of perspective have undoubtedly led individuals to understand groups different from themselves. It is not just that storytelling is useful for this, it’s that storytelling is the exact foundation from which any empathy comes from. But falsities can be communicated within narratives, both deliberately and