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OPINIONS: Kairos should not be required, but stressed as integral to student experience

By Michael Taszarek ’18 THE ROUNDUP Kairos, the retreat juniors and seniors, should continue to not be required, but encouraged even more. You may wonder why I am writing this article since Kairos is already not required, but there is an underlying sentiment among some retreatants that the retreat should become mandatory The retreat lasts

OPINIONS: Faculty workshops brings harsh realities and a strong call to action

By Chris Agnone ’18 and Alex Kirshner ’18 THE ROUNDUP Brophy held its annual Summit workshop day on human trafficking on Wednesday, February 28th. The workshops played host to a plethora of extremely qualified speakers, as well as students and teachers. These speakers varied from officers of the law, to adult movie industry escapees, to

Opinion: Music is alive

By Cooper Parson ’20 THE ROUNDUP Music is currently having another golden period in artists and innovation. With the rise of rap and R&B as the most popular genres in music today, many incredible artists have surfaced. In just the last few decades artists like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Logic, SZA, Adele, and Rihanna have

Opinion: Music as we knew it faces extinction

By Matthew Zacher ’18 THE ROUNDUP Music of the 20th century featured The Beatles, Rolling Stones, U2, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Temptations, The Eagles, Nirvana, and Bob Dylan–artists who rose to the heights of American culture and changed its scope forever. These artists created the American songbook if you will,

OPINIONS: Technology hampers sleep, damages productivity

By Spencer Inglett ’19 THE ROUNDUP Sleep is one of the most important habits of humans, providing us with energy to endure our days and recharges us after a long one. However, our generation’s continued indulgence of numerous mediums of technology has impeded our ability to get excellent sleep. Because of this, detrimental technology should