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Legacy Society
Established 2004

For where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also
.” (Mk.6:21)

Dear Brophy Family,

The essence of estate planning is really about generosity and the willingness to respond with joy to gifts of grace. While a planned gift can be a wise financial choice, the manner we use to dispose of our estates says a lot about who we are and what we value. Mrs. William Henry Brophy’s intention to memorialize her husband’s life in 1928 has become, in 2006, a legacy of education and service to generations of young men.

The preservation of this legacy and our ability to ensure its longevity rests now with us, Brophy’s alumni, parents and friends, who share Mrs. Brophy’s desire to serve the Jesuit mission of forming men of faith and conscience.

So often I am asked, “Why give to Brophy?” For 78 years Brophy has been a promise to the Phoenix metropolitan area to graduate young men who not only excel in the fields of science, math and the fine arts, but who also engage in their communities through acts of service. Thousands of Brophy alumni and current students represent the living legacy and tradition of that promise.

Why give to Brophy? Imagine Brophy students helping to build houses in Oaxaca, tutoring young students here in Phoenix or sharing a week of their time with families in Appalachia. Imagine graduates living in solidarity with orphans in Nicaragua; Rhodes Scholars; business leaders. This is what Brophy students become. Give to Brophy so we can help form the next generation of Men for

I thank you for considering remembering Brophy in your estate planning.

May you continue to be blessed abundantly,

Edward A. Reese, S.J.