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Legacy Society
Established 2004

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Inderrieden ’57 have been generous friends to Brophy for years and are among the founding members of the Brophy Legacy Society. They have graciously made provisions for Brophy in their estate plans.

What prompted you to make provisions for estate planning at this time in your lives?
“When my dad and a few close friends passed away, I observed firsthand the legal process involved when one dies. Though we’ve all heard about estate planning and the potential consequences of not having a plan, many of us don’t do anything about it as the process seems intimidating or we simply procrastinate. What caused us to act was when I realized that there are really three destinations for your money when you die: your heirs, charitable organizations or the IRS. We wanted to be certain we selected the destinations we wanted.”

How did you make your estate planning provisions?
“We contacted a good estate planning attorney who helped us prepare a complete estate plan that covered all our needs. We prepared and updated our wills and other documents, including a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare. The entire process was very easy and inexpensive.”

Why did you choose to include Brophy in your estate planning?

“Those of us who have lived ‘the Brophy experience’ realize that Brophy developed the core of who we are today. In addition to the cutting-edge academics, Brophy develops men of honor, integrity, responsibility, dedication and a sense of charity and sharing. We are Men for Others. Judy and I have been abundantly blessed. Many years ago we decided in a small way to start sharing our good fortune with financially-challenged folks who struggle with and depend on welfare and other social programs for support. One way to help is to break that chain of dependence one young man at a time by educating him and offering him a new way of life. Being part of the Brophy Legacy Society through our estate planning, empowers Brophy to support a new generation of proud, productive, spiritually developed citizens.”