Financial Aid Endowments

Alumni Endowment

Alumni Parent Endowment

Don & Aleen Anderson
Father of Donald N. Anderson ’66 and William A. Tribolet ’62

Frank D. Bannigan Estate

Robert Barcello ’90
, Brother of Ed Barcello ’87

C.J. Barry*
, Father of Father C. Fenton Barry, S.J.

William Bidwill
, Grandfather of Thomas Bidwill ’08

Patrick Birt ’84


James F. Bryant

Herb Bryant

James and Mabel Cahill*

Father Marc Calegari, S.J.

Phil J. Calihan Jr. ’63 and Evelyn Calihan, Son of Phil Calihan ’29, father of Phil Calihan ’95, brother of Peter Calihan ’65 and Pat Calihan ’69, uncle of Pat Calihan ’00, Dan Calihan ’91, Kevin Calihan ’93, Sean Calihan ’05

Cardinals Charities, Established by Mr. William V. Bidwill and Mr. Michael Bidwill, grandfather and uncle of Thomas Bidwill ’08

Emily F. Cartwright, Grandmother of Ryan O’Toole ’94, Nicholas O’Toole ’86, Matthew O’Toole ’97, John O’Toole ’88

Lloyd Castle ’80

Colcord Estate

Terrance D. Collins ’71 Collins Family, Ted Collins ’82, Paul Collins ’79 and Daniel Collins ’76

Adam L. Donnenfield ’92, Established by parents Larry & Johanna Donnenfield

Reno J. Galassi ’32

Peter C. Gould ’81, Anne and Rich O’Brien, Jerry and Stephanie Gould, and Janie Gould (XCP ‘83).

Gene Growney, S.J., Established by brother, John B. Growney

Marian Hancock

Hassett Family
, Established in the memory of Chandler Hassett Sr., father of Patrick Hassett’62* and Michael Hassett ’68, grandfather of Patrick Hassett ’96 and Michael Hassett ’82

Lawrence D. Hilger ’65, Established by Leslie G. Hilger ’61

Hunter Holben ’15, Established by the family of Hunter Holben

Charles J. Hushek , Father of Peter Huskek ’76, Michael Huskek ’73, Joseph Hushek ’72, Brian Hushek ’80, grandfather of Charles Hushek ’12

Lyle F. Imler, Father of David Imler ’63 and Jon Imler ’67

Innes Family, Established by Tom and Karen Innes, parents of Robert Innes ’85

Jerome Family, Margaret and Dominic Jerome, Arthur Jerome, Steve Jerome ’90, Michael Jerome ’87, Christopher Stewart'00

Lyle and Genevieve Johns, Mother of Richard Johns ’57, grandmother of Richard Johns ’89 and Michael Brown ’87

Jane Johnston, Established by Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wentworth ’86

L & L Keller, Established by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Herbst*, parents of Kenneth Herbst ’62 and Tim Herbst ’72, grandparents of Christopher Herbst ’11

John and Virginia Kilday, Grandparents of Kevin Kilday ’89

Paul and Edna Klein, Parents of former Brophy Jesuit David Klein, S.J.

Klukkert Family, Jack and Barbara Klukkert

Koch Family, Established by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Koch, parents of Daniel Koch ’78 and Bob Koch ’73

Michael Konz ’84, Established by Dr. Brad Bohnert ’84, Scott Day Freeman ’84, Dave Marinick ’84 and Werner Meyer ’84

Paul and Patricia Kunkel, Establshed by parents John Kunkel ’63* and Anne Kunkel, brother of Peter Kunkel ’88 and John Kunkel ’85

Lafond Family, Established by Thomas Lafond ’87, Stephen Lafond ’91, Michael Lafond ’86 and Daniel Lafond ’91

Vincent A. Luhr, Established by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Luhr

William Luke, Father of Bill Luke ’60, grandfather of Michael Mills ’79, Luke Mills ’06, Paul Luke ’78, Ryan Luke ’00 and Eric Luke ’04

Ann Lynch, Established by Thomas Lynch*, father of Brian Lynch ’88

Kemper and Ethel Marley, Established by Daniel Corrigan ’75, Steve Corrigan, Mark and Cathy Frank, great-grandparents of Kevin Corrigan ’05

Mathewson Family, Established for Robert B. Mathewson, S.J.

Robby L. Mayasich ’10, Established by parents Dan and Landis Mayasich and family

Father William H. McCabe, S.J., Established by the Joseph I. McCabe family

Kenneth McGeorge, Father of Thomas McGeorge ’76, Louis McGeorge ’68, grandfather of Patrick O’Malley ’06 and Michael O’Malley ’07

Joseph T. Melczer, Father of Joe Melczer ’66 and Michael Melczer ’93*

Men of ’10 Endowment, Established by the Alumni Class of 2010

Men of ’11 Endowment, Established by the Alumni Class of 2011

Men of '12 Endowment, Established by the Alumni Class of 2012

J. Randy Meyer ’86, Established in memory of Randy Meyer by his parents, Jim and Karen Meyer.

Paul Micheletti
, Established by the Mel and Lorna Micheletti Family

Frank Middleton, father of Gary Middleton ’75

Herbert J. Miller, Father of Michael Miller ’73 and Mitchell Miller ’75

Father Alan J. Miller, S.J.*

Reed Mullan, Established by Ned Mullan, father of Tim Mullan ’80

E. Gregory Murphy ’80

John O’Malley ’32 and Jerre O’Malley, Established by John O’Malley ’32 and Jerre O’Malley, parents of Mark O’Malley ’66, uncle/aunt of James O’Malley ’68 and his son James O’Malley ’98 and uncle/aunt of Dennis D. Naughton, Jr. ’63*

Brian L. Pepe ’92*, brother of Bill Pepe ’95

Don Playman

Alfred G. Rasor and Catherine V. Rasor
, Parents of Jack Rasor ’66, grandparents of Brandon Rasor ’93

Father Anton “Sam” Renna, S.J.

Joseph Rice

Emile and Gladys Rivard
, parents of Tim A. Rivard ’59

Margaret and Elias Romley, Parents of Art Romley ’60; Grandparents of Phillip Romley ’77, John Romley ’90, Brian Mikkelson ’77, Craig Mikkelson ’82, Kelly McKone ’78, Tim McKone ’83, Danny McKone ’86; Great-Grandparents of Tommy McKone ’05, Rhoads Mikkelson ’10, Joshua Mikkelson '12 and Tanner Leavitt '12

Roney Foundation, Established by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roney, Ms. Chelsea Roney and Ms. Mary Kaitlin Roney

E. Henry Running, Father of Steve Running ’64, Cliff Running ’58, Michael Running ’60, grandfather of Steven Running ’87

Joseph and Mary Ann Scalise, Grandparents of Daniel Scalise ’87 and Jason Scalise ’90

Robert and Mary Scheffing, Parents of Bob Scheffing ’60, grandparents of Jeff Scheffing ’87

Ellen M. Schroeder, grandmother of John Schroeder ’68

James (Jos) O. Shaver ’82, In recognition and appreciation of his parents, Drs. James and Beverly Shaver

Dorothy Stein

Robert J. Wachter ’62

Somers H. White II

John Zacher
, Grandfather of Rich Zacher ’82, Michael Zacher ’84, Kevin Zacher ’88, Keith Zacher ’88 and John Zacher ’83*

Ray Zimmerman, Grandfather of Ray Zimmerman ’87 and Robert Zimmerman ’84

Joseph and Jean Zwaska, parents of Jack Zwaska ’66*