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Brophy College Prep has made a concerted effort to be environmentally conscious and is now producing the Brophy Men for Others Annual Report digitally.  As you click and scroll through these pages, we hope you have a better sense of the transformation that takes place within the hearts and minds of Brophy students.  We thank you for supporting us in these efforts...I'm sure the countless trees thank you as well!


This year marks a special one for every Jesuit and Jesuit-educated person as we celebrate our first Jesuit Pope.  In a recent interview, Pope Francis was asked, “Holy Father, is creativity important for the life of a person?”  He laughingly answered, “For a Jesuit it is extremely important!  A Jesuit must be creative.” ...a Jesuit must be on the frontier.


“Our faith cannot be a laboratory of faith, but a journey of faith...I am afraid of laboratories because in the lab you take the problems and then you bring them home to tame them...to paint them...out of their context.  You cannot bring home the frontier, but you have to live on the border and be audacious.”


Every day at Brophy, students are “living on the border” pursuing “frontiers."  Ten years of one-to-one computing created a shift in the learning paradigm, giving students access to more than just a textbook.  Through the avenues on the world-wide-web, a Brophy student is closer to the struggles of those less fortunate, examining the complicated world we live in and learning how he can act to be part of the solution.


Now with these tools at their disposal, Brophy students imagine a more just world.  With a Jesuit education, their journey is beautifully audacious and always pursuing frontiers...every day at Brophy College Preparatory.


Thank you all for being partners in a Brophy Jesuit education.




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