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Father Phil Postell, S.J.
Director of
Alumni Relations

602-264-5291 ext. 6443

4701 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85012


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Thoughts from Fr. Postell, S.J.
Most scripture scholars agree that Jesus did not set out to establish a new religious sect, but to reform Judaism. When that did not develop, the early followers of Jesus had to separate and become Christians. Jesus did not add anything new, but merely shifted the emphasis to love of God and love of neighbor. The old time central priority in Judaism focused attention to 613 laws in the Torah, many of which were concerned with matters of hygiene and preparation of meals. To bring this to the present, there was a survey taken in the late 1960’s of all North American Catholics. The survey asked what the most important commandment was, “Love of neighbor” or “Refrain from eating meat on Friday.” Would it surprise you to know that to the majority of Catholics, as recently as 50 years ago, the prohibition of Friday eaten meat was more important than love of neighbor? The God of the Old Testament once called himself “Compassionate.” As we approach Thanksgiving, perhaps we can be compassionate in our dealings with others.

Fans of Brophy Football History
You might be interested in perusing this article from the Arizona Republic summarizing the 10 greatest Brophy football players. Not that we are running a survey, but the article might provoke some discussion.

The Class of 1964 celebrated its 50th Anniversary the last weekend of October, with a Friday night tour of Brophy’s campus and a Saturday night banquet at the Arizona Country Club. The reunion was chaired by Ray Korte '64. Photo right: Click image to enlarge.

The Class of 1974 enjoyed a 40th Reunion celebration the weekend of November 7th with a Friday night Brophy tour and reception, followed by a Saturday evening dinner/dance at the Phoenix Country Club. The reunion was chaired by Dr. Michael Lee '74 and his wife Martha, along with Kelly Blake '74.

The Class of 1984 gathered in honor of their 30th Reunion the weekend of October 3rd. A few classmates elected to tour Brophy on Friday night. On Saturday night, Brophy joined Xavier for a dinner held at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort. The weekend festivities were coordinated by Reunion Chairmen David Dodenhoff '84 and Mark Reckling '84.

Reunion Updates!

A Bit of History
The Class of 1964 celebrated their 50th Reunion the last weekend of October. Chairman Ray Korte '64, in his address to his classmates, mentioned several significant events of the era. Ray reminded them that in those days gas was $ .30 a gallon, the Ford Mustang had first been introduced, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series, and G.I. Joe came on to the market.

Alumni Updates

  • Congratulations to Jeff Knoll '06, on recently passing the bar exam. He is currently enrolled in the University of San Diego’s LL.M. (Taxation) degree program.
  • Ryan Brennan '06, now in his first year of residency for Endodontics at University of Florida, Gainesville, was recognized in UCLA’s School of Dentistry’s 2013-2014 Annual Report for his various efforts to give back to the community while in dental school.
  • Creighton graduate Grant Goodman '09 joins Cap Corps, a Capuchin Franciscan volunteer ministry. Read more about it here.
  • Stuart Shoen '98, Executive Vice President of U-Haul and '02 LMU graduate, was a featured alumnus on LMU’s website, highlighting the influence “Mater et Magistra” has had on his work.
  • Paul Mulligan '88 was recently interviewed for The Catholic Sun regarding his new position as CEO of Catholic Charities Community Services.
  • Grassroots Chef/Owner Chris Collins '01hosted Brophy Trustee Emeritus Sharon Harper, Dr. Oliver Harper, Brophy President Father Eddie Reese, SJ, and Vice President Adria Renke for dinner at his Biltmore location.
  • Jeff Malkoon '05, of Peanut Butter Americano, was named in The Arizona Republic’s Top 35 Entrepreneurs 35 and Younger 2014.

    The Brophy Alumni Brotherhood is alive and well...

  • Peter Gooding '01 and Anthony Nguyen '01 have partnered in the start-up company, Mansfield Timepieces , which builds durable and affordable watches.

  • From left to right, Jeff Pisuaro '11, Matt Harris '13, Will Martin '12, Ben Jackson '11, and Trevor Szafran '12 celebrate their brotherhood.

    In Memoriam

    Jason Lake '93 (formerly Jason Lochrie)

    Maurice Brill – former Brophy faculty

    Kenneth L. Welling '38 Robert J. Blachowski '84 – Brother to Tim Blachowski '88 and Tom Blachowski '96 and Trisha Vigarino XCP '91.

    Gerald Vercauteren – Father to Ken Vercauteren '76, Kevin Vercauteren '79, Kristian Vercauteren '89 and Keith Vercauteren '83 and daughter Kim.